December 31, 2021

UK Teen Raises Nearly £40 000 From Kind Acts

The Christmas season is always viewed as a time of giving. In the case of a teenager from Lichfield, Staffordshire, he has been giving since 2020!

At the onset of the coronavirus pandemic earlier last year, 18-year-old Sebbie Hall realised how many people lacked the technology to keep in touch with friends and family during lockdown. Encouraged by his mother, Ashley Hall, he decided to help those in need by raising funds for their use.

Hall started out by performing 10 sponsored acts of kindness for 10 days, which saw him raising £1 000 for charities, as well as helping his friend buy an iPad.

Thereafter, the teen continued with these acts, which included distributing Easter eggs, watering people’s plants, filling bird-feeders, handing out lottery tickets to strangers, assisting the local food bank, getting IT devices for families, and handing out donated toys to children’s homes.

To date, Hall has carried out over 2 000 acts of kindness and has raised nearly £40 000.

His mother praised her son’s kind, generous spirit: “Sebbie keeps showing it’s worth keeping on striving: never give up. Everybody has potential and sometimes we can even smash that.”

Image Credit: Source