May 06, 2022

Zodwa Wabantu: Dancing “is My Job”

Zodwa Wabantu has spoken up after controversial poet, Ntsiki Mazwai, criticised her on Twitter.

On Monday, 2 May, Mazwai tweeted that Wabantu was “disrespecting African spirituality” when the dancer revealed earlier this year that she was becoming a “sangoma” – or traditional healer – but was still going to continue her profession: exotic dancing.

“Ok I need to sit down and ask what kind of a sangoma shows her v*for a living??? [sic]” tweeted Mazwai. “Which stripper is a pastor publically and unashamedly without being held accountable by some religious authority?”

Speaking to a local media publication on Thursday, 5 May, Wabantu hit back at the poet, emphasising that she was not about to change her ways.

“This is my job,” she declared. “You know, my ancestors gave it to me … All the travelling that I’ve done or I’m still doing, I don’t think they will make me live bad.”

She added proudly: “If there’s going to be a time that they are going to stop my dancing as Zodwa Wabantu, they should show me which job they are going to give me … but they haven’t revealed so much, the ancestors, and I’m still getting bookings.”

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