January 05, 2022

3 Side-Hustles You Can Start Right Now

Having extra money to spend is always useful. However, when your day job doesn’t quite cover all of your budget, what do you do? This is where the side-hustle comes in.

A proper side-hustle should not take more than a few hours from your week, should require minimal equipment and be easy enough for you to do regardless of your skill-set.

Below are three side-hustles for you to try:


For a fee, you can offer community rideshares, become an Uber driver or provide courier services. All you need is a car and to be able to get from point A to point B.

Odd Jobs

All the jobs your friends, family and neighbours don’t want to do such as mowing the lawn or cleaning the gutters? Why not take up those jobs, and get paid, too.


Depending on your expertise, you can teach young minds what you know while helping them out with one of their school or university subjects.

For example, do you have experience in studying languages? By teaching grammar and vocabulary, you can help students to excel in their studies. Not to mention you’ll earn a little extra cash.