March 12, 2021

3 Signs You Haven’t Forgiven Your Partner for Cheating

While cheating can wreak havoc in any relationship, many couples choose to stay together.

However, it’s difficult to know if you have actually forgiven your partner for their betrayal, especially if you are still in love and the relationship seems perfect otherwise.

Here are three signs to help you identify if you haven’t really forgiven them:

You Feel Insecure

For example, if you see your partner in the presence of members of the opposite sex, your mind may start telling you that your beau is probably asking them out on dates. You also want to know every detail of their conversations.

Regardless of how innocent their chats might be, you always find a reason to make the people you feel threatened by the centre of every fight you have with your partner.

You Stop Being Intimate

If physical intimacy becomes awkward or you suddenly feel uncomfortable, then you are probably still holding onto the issue.

You Hate Their Friends

Because you are still hurt, you begin to see your partner’s friends as villains. You believe they are bad influences. You also begin to question their loyalty: you wonder if they knew and if so, why didn’t they warn you?

In short, you blame your partner’s friends for their behaviour, which is wrong because your partner is the one at fault, not them.