March 20, 2024

3 Useful Travel Tips for Newbies

If you’re about to head off on your first ever travel adventure, chances are that you might have a few butterflies in your stomach. Questions like “Did I pack enough clothes?” or “Have I got enough money to spend?” are probably sending those butterflies into overdrive.

Not to worry, though – with these great travel tips that we’ve rounded up just for you, you’ll be saying goodbye to those butterflies in no time!

Before you jet off, here are three tips to help you get the best out of your trip:

Pack Light

You don’t want to be stuck trying to carry around huge suitcases and backpacks. Buy a small bag so you aren’t tempted to pack everything you own.

Don’t Rely on Your Guidebook

While they can be useful for an overview of a destination, guidebooks often don’t have the insight into a location that the locals do.

Connect with locals, other travellers or hospitality staff to find out what tourist attractions are popular right now.

Sort Your Finances

If you can, take more money than you think you’ll need. No matter how well you budget, you can never plan for all disasters or itinerary changes. Decide if you will be using your cards, or exchanging cash for local currency once you get there.

If you’re travelling internationally, make sure you tell your banks when and where you will be going. Some will banks cancel cards if foreign transactions appear without warning.