May 01, 2023

4 Strange Laws in Africa that Actually Exist

Africa is famous for its scenic beauty, its exotic wildlife, and the variety of cultures that live there. However, when it comes to some of its laws, this continent leans more towards being infamous.

Take a look at four of these odd laws that these African countries have to offer:

South Africa – Bear Wrestling is Illegal

South African law dictates that tourists and locals are banned from interacting, or wrestling, with bears. Seems logical, save for the fact that bears aren’t native to the continent, let alone the country.

Egypt – No Using Binoculars at Airports

Sorry, plane spotters – it’s illegal to use binoculars near an airport, so you’d do well to leave them at home.

Somalia – You Can’t Carry Old Chewing Gum

You’ll be arrested if you’re found carrying old chewing gum stuck on the tip of your nose. To prevent this sticky situation, it’s best that you throw that gum away.

Mozambique – Painting Needs Permission

Does your house need a lick of paint? In Mozambique, you’ll need permission from the municipality to paint your house first.