December 01, 2023

5 Tips for Getting Over a Break-Up

We all know the pain and regret that comes along with any break-up.

Whether you ended the relationship, or your partner did, splitting up always has emotional repercussions that affect your daily life.

Here are five tips to help you cope:

Clean Up Social Media

Block or unfriend your ex and their friends on social media. You don’t need to see daily reminders of their lives without you.

Cut Off Contact

You need to adjust to life without your partner. Don’t immediately try to stay friends with your ex. Take some time without any contact first, before deciding if you want to stay friends.

Give Yourself Time

Getting over someone can’t be rushed. Be kind to yourself, and allow yourself time to really feel your emotions. Don’t try to suppress them or avoid feeling them, your emotions are part of the healing process.

Begin a New Hobby

Take up an activity that you and your ex never did together. Choose something creative or energetic to take your mind off of the break-up, such as art or kickboxing classes.

Don’t Rebound

While it may be tempting to seek comfort in someone new, you’re going through an emotional roller coaster right now.

Getting involved with someone too soon will add complicated new emotions to an already difficult situation. Make sure you’ve healed first, so you can tell if you really care for someone new, or if you’re only looking for soothing.