July 19, 2024

5 Tips to Help You Quit Smoking

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health, but it is a habit that can be hard to kick.

Once you manage to break the habit, though, over time you’ll greatly lower your risk of lung cancer, heart disease, stroke and emphysema.

You’ll also save money by not buying cigarettes, and protect your loved ones from dangerous secondhand smoke.

Here are five tips to help you kick the habit for good.

1. Try to stay positive. Take each minute, hour and day at a time. Don’t think of quitting as forever, because it may be too overwhelming. Focus on not smoking today, and then do the same tomorrow, and then all the time will add up.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Tell your friends and family that you are quitting smoking, and ask for their support. They can help you get through the rough spots. Let them know exactly how they can support you, don’t assume they’ll just know.

3. Throw away all of your smoking-related belongings. Get rid of your cigarettes, lighters, and ashtrays. Air out your house and car, so that they no longer smell like smoke, and won’t be as likely to trigger your cravings.

4. Avoid places where you know there will be smoking. Exposing yourself to temptation isn’t a good idea. Many people also find alcohol to be a trigger for their cravings, so avoid social situations where there will be alcohol provided.

5. Make some non-smoking friends. If you’re always around other smokers, you will find your cravings triggered very often. Your non-smoking friends can also offer you support, away from where there will be cigarettes and smoking.