August 12, 2021

65 Dead in Algerian Wildfires

Nearly 70 people have died in the wildfires that are spreading rapidly through northern Algeria.

According to reports, forests and villages in the mountainous Kabylie region – located 100km east of Algeria’s capital of Algiers – have been ravaged by these fires since Monday evening, 9 August.

Approximately 69 fires were spreading throughout several localities as of Wednesday, 11 August.

Firefighters, deployed soldiers, and residents are braving the elements to put these blazes out, using everything from hoses and buckets of water to branches to do so. Unfortunately, these blazes have now claimed the lives of at least 65 people, including 28 soldiers.

After visiting the afflicted region, Interior minister Kamel Beldjoud told media outlets that arsonists are most likely responsible for the fires’ outbreak, with several suspects said to be detained.

Although he did not expound on this information, Beljoud emphasised the priority to compensate those affected and avoid more casualties.

Image Credit: Source