March 14, 2022

Algeria: President Bans Export of Basic Commodities

President Abdelmadjid Tebboune has ordered a ban on the export of consumer goods that Algeria imports.

Per news reports, the decision was made during a meeting of the Council of Ministers on Sunday, 13 March. A joint presentation by the ministers of Trade and Agriculture illustrated the scarcity of staple foodstuffs, such as frozen meat, oil, pasta, sugar and wheat products.

Tebboune claimed that it was “economic sabotage” to sell that which the country does not produce itself.

He directed the minister of Justice to draft laws that would criminalise the export of the aforementioned goods, and declare any such activity as “an act of sabotage to the national economy.”

Despite having rich oil reserves, Algeria remains a middle-income nation and imports most of its food from other countries. However recent global price hikes have had a knock-on effect on the country’s prices, resulting in protests.

Additionally, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine is expected to disrupt global trade, and result in increased prices in Algeria and beyond in the months to come.

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