October 07, 2021

Brazilian Footballer Boots Ref, Faces Attempted Murder Charge

The footballing world is reeling from the news of a prominent Brazilian player facing criminal charges after violently attacking a referee during a game on Monday, 4 October.

Per reports, William Ribeiro of Sao Paulo RS, a second-level league team, lost his temper after a free kick was given: he assaulted match official, Rodrigo Crivellaro, until he fell, then proceeded to kick him in the head.

The incident occurred during the second half of a match against Guarani FC.

Crivellaro was left unconscious – security staff rushed immediately onto the pitch while players desperately called for medical assistance. The police later arrived to escort Ribeiro off the pitch. The downed ref was taken to hospital, but was discharged the following day.

President of Sao Paulo, Delved Goulart, released a statement that same day, announcing the termination of the embattled player’s contract, and that “all possible legal measures in relation to the incident will be taken.”

Goulart also called Ribeiro’s actions “unfortunate, regrettable and above all, revolting.”

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