April 19, 2021

Brenda Mhlongo’s Hubby Marries His Side-Chick

The husband of actress Brenda Mhlongo reportedly married his mistress over the Easter weekend.

“The Queen” star and her husband, theatre director Edmund Mhlongo – who have been married for 23 years – are said to have been separated for over a year, but neither one have filed for divorce.

Now, it has been reported by local media outlets that Mr Mhlongo married his side-chick, Nkosi Mpanza, in a traditional wedding ceremony in Kwa-Zulu Natal without his missus’ knowledge.

An insider explained: “[Mrs Mhlongo] discovered during the long Easter weekend that he went to do “umembeso”, the second step that follows lobola and sees the groom blessing the bride’s family with gifts just before the actual big wedding.”

Additionally, Mpanza – who apparently attends Mr Mhlongo’s acting academy as a student – is allegedly pregnant with their child.

Mrs Mhlongo has yet to comment on her estranged husband’s new marriage, although there’s no doubt that she might not be happy about this development!

Image Credit: Source