January 17, 2022

Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Lock Horns

Britney Spears may have ended 2021 free from her conservatorship after more than a decade, but 2022 has seen her scrapping with her younger sister, Jamie Lynn.

The hostilities started when the 30-year-old actress was interviewed last Wednesday, 12 January, for her memoir, “Things I Should Have Said”. She spoke up about her family life, growing up with a famous last name and, most notably, her precarious relationship with her older sister, while making several unsavoury comments.

She called the “Lucky” hitmaker “unstable and paranoid.”

Her unkind words led to backlash from Britney two days later, posting several lengthy – and angry – tweets on Twitter whereby she claimed that Jamie Lynn was trying to sell the book at her expense, while calling her a “scum person”.

Britney added that she loves her sister “100%”, but ultimately she feels unsure of her loyalties.

Before subsequently unfollowing Jamie Lynn, the elder Spears sister announced that she would be taking a break from Instagram, saying, “I won’t be doing Instagram for a while. The media, this business has always been extremely hateful to me.”

Since then, the younger Spears sister has extended an olive branch, but no response has been forthcoming.

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