February 07, 2024

Celeb Twitter Round-Up: When Uncle Waffles Met Kelly Rowland

Who would’ve thought, hey? Like, one moment you’re vibing to your own set at an exclusive party, then the next moment you’re getting the rub from Kelly freakin’ Rowland!

Clearly, everyone wants a piece of Uncle Waffles, who is undeniably the hottest African DJ right now!

While performing at vocalist SZA’s pre-Grammy Awards party in Los Angeles, California last Sunday, 4 February, Waffles was thrown for a hot minute when she saw who came her way:

“Who would have ever thought, like,” the “SLS” hitmaker gushed on Twitter/X (complete with a teary-eyed happy face emoji) as she retweeted the clip of Rowland greeting her.

Ja no, after rubbing shoulders with the likes of Ciara and SZA, it was only a matter of time before Kelly Rowland showed Waffles some love, too!

We love to see it, and so do the fans:

An excited and grateful Waffles got in on the comments:

That’s the spirit, Uncle Waffles!

And this rate, maybe we’ll see Beyoncé meeting her? A lil’ shout-out, even? Fingers and toes crossed!

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