December 24, 2021

EPL: Players “Reaching Breaking Point”

Players in the Premier League are reportedly reaching their “breaking point” due to the number of games they have to play in quick succession during the Christmas holiday period.

Yesterday, 23 December, the EPL held two important meetings: One with coaches, and the other with captains and senior players. 

At these meetings, concerns were aired regarding the crammed fixture schedule, and the demands being placed on squads which have been reduced in size as a result of Covid-19.

Fixture congestion is being caused by many different competitions and tournaments happening at the same time. This will become especially complicated next year because of the Qatar 2022 World Cup taking place in November and December.

Pep Guardiola, Manchester City manager, said that players may decide to go on strike over welfare issues, while Antonio Conte, Tottenham’s coach, said that he felt the meeting was a “waste of time” because all decisions had already been made.

As far as the Premier League board are concerned, they have made it clear that they cannot make subjective decisions about which games are postponed, as stipulated in the league’s handbook.