February 18, 2022

Family, Friends Pay Tribute to DJ Citi Lyts

The family and friends of slain musician, DJ Citi Lyts, came together to celebrate his life at a memorial service on Thursday, 16 February.

Early on Monday morning, 14 February, 32-year-old Citi Lyts – real name Sandile Mkhize – was killed when he and his friends were ambushed and shot by four armed hijackers in Dube, Soweto. The police have since launched a manhunt for the culprits.

Taking place at Pace Community College in Jabulani, Soweto, the memorial service saw his son, Owethu Mkhize, paying tribute to him.

“Dear dad, I know you didn’t want to leave me this soon,” said Owethu. “My birthday is next month, and I am sad that you won’t be there. Thank you for being the best, so please walk the path with me from here on and be there for me. I will always love you.”

Kefilwe, a friend of the Mkhizes, also spoke at the service about how Citi Lyts’ death impacted his family: “The family has been hit hard, and we don’t understand how someone would do such a thing to such a kind and loving person … we need to help the police catch the culprits.”

Citi Lyts’ funeral will take place at the college tomorrow, Saturday 19 February.

Image Credit: Source