July 27, 2021

Futuristic Flying Motorcycles are (Nearly) Here

First flying cars became a reality, now flying motorcycles are next on the agenda. The future is zooming here at a breakneck pace, and soon we will enjoy a future as depicted in popular science fiction.

The California-based aviation company, JetPack Aviation (JPA), have successfully tested the world’s first jet turbine-powered motorcycle – or “Speeder” – which resembles a jet ski strapped to a jet engine.

On 16 July, JPA tested the Speeder’s ability to self-stabilise, hover, turn, move in various directions … basically everything that a Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) aircraft is capable of.

In a Facebook post after the successful test, JPA stated: “The Speeder will be the smallest, fastest, optionally piloted VTOL in the world, enabling multiple applications across emergency, cargo, military, and civil sectors.”

According to the design specifications, it will be able to reach just over 241 kilometres per hour, and float to a maximum height of 4 572 metres; the craft will use a variety of propulsion systems so that it doesn’t rely exclusively on electric power to get from point A to point B.

The prototype underwent over 18 months of gruelling testing to complete: a year of developing the flight control system, then six months to build the actual vehicle.

JPA have stated that they intend rolling out production for commercial, recreational and military models, with price tags starting at $380 000. A small price (sort of) to pay to feel the speed of the future.

Image Credit: Source