November 13, 2023

Holly Rey Opens Up About the “Ugly” Side of Diabetes

In honour of National Diabetes Month, Holly Rey has taken a moment to be candid about some of the more difficult aspects of living with the disease.

The 27-year-old singer took to Instagram on Sunday, 12 November, to share some of her struggles with diabetes while she currently battles an ear infection and the flu, which is only made more difficult by the imbalance in her sugar levels.

“The real and sometimes ugly side of being diabetic. It isn’t always easy,” Rey said in the caption of the video before going on to add: “I always try to showcase a positive attitude towards diabetes but sometimes it can be really hard and I think all type 1 diabetics can relate to that.”

“Wherever you are I hope you know it’s OK to not be OK. Having a bad day with your diabetes does not make you a bad diabetic. Happy Diabetes Month,” she added compassionately.

Rey was officially diagnosed with the disease when she was just 11 years old and has used her fame to raise awareness for others like herself, who might be struggling to cope with some of the more challenging aspects of everyday living.

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