October 24, 2023

Japanese Company Builds Transformer-Like Robot

Fans of giant robots, anime mecha and the “Transformers” franchise, rejoice! A Japanese enterprise has built “a robot that could be seen in a Sci-Fi movie,” according to their website.

Tsubame Industries has used fibre-reinforced material (the same stuff used in F1 vehicles) to construct a 3.5-ton, 4.5-metre-tall robot that looks so futuristic that it could fit into a number of science fiction franchises – and it’s named “Archax”.

The automaton has two joysticks, two pedals, a touch panel, and the human pilot utilises a multitude of cameras and screens to navigate this engineering wonder; it currently sells for approximately $2.5 million. So far, the Tokyo-based firm has pre-orders for at least five.

Although Archax can transform into a car, its real appeal is how it becomes a huge mech with arms and hands while rolling around on wheels. Sure, it can barely go faster than a regular human walking – about ten kilometres per hour – but piloting such a mechanical beast would have every nerd grinning.

Just ask Tsubame Industries president, Yoshida Ryo, who has been keen on machines since he was a young lad and has now made his dream a reality. Not to mention his vision has also opened up so many possibilities in the field of robotics.

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