November 15, 2023

Kendall Jenner Sparks Break-Up Rumours with Cryptic Post

Kendall Jenner has left her fans speculating that she and Bad Bunny may have broken up with her latest Instagram post.

The 28-year-old socialite shared a picture of a sunset on the social media platform with the caption: “What’s meant for me, will simply find me.”

Her avid followers immediately began commenting, with one user called “Nancy Soulcycle” simply saying: “Sounds like a break-up post.”

“Damn bro, who hurt you!!![sic]” another curious fan added.

Jenner first went public with her relationship with Bad Bunny, who is privately known as Benito Ocasio, in February this year. However, in the following months, the two have preferred to keep their romance as far away from the public eye as possible.

The pair were last seen together nearly two weeks ago, just after Jenner hosted a Halloween-themed party at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Jenner and the 29-year-old rapper were spotted getting breakfast together the next morning, with no signs of trouble.

Ocasio – whose Instagram account currently features a grand total of three posts – has said nothing on the matter, while representatives for both stars have declined to comment.

Image Credit: Source