November 17, 2021

Kenya Heightens Security After Uganda Explosions

Kenya’s administration is making moves to tighten the country’s security after neighbouring Uganda experienced two alleged terrorist attacks.

Ugandan authorities claim that two separate explosions went off in the capital of Kampala on Tuesday morning, 16 November. At least six people were killed – two civilians, a police officer and three terrorists – while 33 sustained injuries and were taken to nearby Mulago National Referral Hospital.

On the same day, Kenyan government spokesperson, Cyrus Oguna, advised his countrymen to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity, while police spokesperson, Bruno Shioso, told a local radio station that the state was taking precautions, such as stricter border control, to safeguard against similar attacks.

Shioso said: “We are aware … that [Uganda] was attacked, it is very unfortunate. We have taken all the measures that I cannot discuss for security reasons, they are very confidential.”

An Islamic State-adjacent group, the Allied Democratic Forces, are said to be behind the Kampala bombings.

Image Credit: Source