October 11, 2021

Kim Kardashian West Pulls Out All the Jokes for “SNL”

Kim Kardashian West spared no-one – not even herself – during her monologue skit for “Saturday Night Live”.

The 40-year-old socialite wore a pink catsuit while poking fun at a variety of topics, including her family, impending divorce, the infamous leaked 2002 sex tape, and her own figure for the American late-night variety show on Saturday, 9 October.

Kardashian West opened the show with a wry smile and quipped, “I know, I’m surprised to see me here, too”, to the audience’s welcoming applause.

Teasing her sisters and herself, she said: “Basically, I’m just so much more than that reference photo that my sisters showed their plastic surgeons.”

With a sideswipe at her recent split from Kanye West, she joked: “I mean, I married the best rapper of all time … so when I divorced him, you have to know it came down to just one thing: his personality.”

Kardashian West went on, confiding that “comedy comes from truth” and wanted to be “genuine”.

Keeping the gags going and the crowd chortling, she referenced the doomed bids for political office of her estranged husband, as well as her soon-to-be former step-parent, Caitlyn.

She said: “I’m not running for president – we can’t have three failed politicians in this family.”

Needless to say, the skit was a hit with fans.

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