January 28, 2021

Larry King Laid to Rest

Larry King has been laid to rest in a private ceremony.

The 87-year-old legendary television and radio host – real name Lawrence Harvey Zeiger – had contracted coronavirus earlier this month, which resulted in his passing away last Saturday, 23 January.

All members of the King clan – including his former six wives and their three children – wore his trademark suspenders to the “beautiful” funeral on Wednesday morning, 27 January, to honour his memory.

King left behind his recently estranged seventh wife of 23 years, Shawn Southwick King, with whom he had two sons, Chance and Cannon.

Talking to a media outlet afterwards, the 61-year-old widow said: “We laid [King] to rest this morning. And in the Jewish faith, they do it very quickly, so you almost don’t have time to, for me, to process. I’m still processing.”

She added: “Death is maybe the great equaliser, I think. When you experience it with people who we really, really love, all the other noise and the nonsense that could be surrounding, it just goes away and the family goes close together.”

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