February 18, 2022

Meet The Teen EMTs of Sackets Harbor, NY

In a small American town where emergency responders were far and few between, a group of high school students stepped up to the plate.

Like most rural areas, Sackets Harbor in New York relies on volunteer emergency medical technicians (EMTs) to assist in life-threatening medical situations. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic not only resulted in an EMT shortage, but it also forced older volunteers to step down.

On the other side of the coin, though, the laws of New York State allow 17-year-olds to train as EMTs. So, taking advantage of this, local highschoolers from Sackets Harbor Central gave up their free time in order to undergo the required training for the job.

From assisting residents with chest pains to aiding those who endured painful falls, these teenagers do their best to save those in peril. Of course, it’s a sight when these baby-faced EMTs arrive on the scene.

“A lot of people [who call for an ambulance] just come up and ask you, ‘Wait, how old are you?’,” explained Cooper Antonson.

To which Niklas Brazie says: “We just explain to them, ‘We are the ambulance’.”

And needless to say, we can’t think of anyone more capable than them to do the job right!

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