April 22, 2022

Mike Tyson Involved in Plane Passenger Punch-Up

Mike Tyson allegedly punched a man on a plane departing San Francisco International Airport on Wednesday night, 20 April.

The 55-year-old former heavyweight boxing champion was waiting for the Florida-bound aircraft to take off when a man seated behind him got overly excited to be near the sporting legend. Perhaps a little too excited.

Despite initial friendliness and getting a selfie, the man kept trying to talk to Tyson, who eventually lost his cool and delivered several punches to the fan’s head – the latter action was captured on video by a fellow passenger.

Sources claim that the fan was “extremely intoxicated” and would not stop pestering “Iron Mike”, who disembarked from the plane shortly after the confrontation; the fan, who suffered cuts and bruises to his head, took the incident up with the police.

The San Francisco Police Department is investigating the matter; neither Tyson’s representatives nor JetBlue Airline have publicly commented yet.

Image Credit: Source