October 03, 2023

New Weight-Loss Drug Offers Results Without Exercise

The burning question that has been on the lips of so many who want a summer body – but without visiting a gym – might finally have an answer: researchers from the University of Florida (UF) have developed and tested a new kind of drug that mimics the effects of a workout.

The drug, called SLU-PP-332, stimulates a bunch of proteins known as ERR, which are activated during exercise and are a vital part of the metabolic process connected with the heart and muscles.

UF scientists published a paper in March, detailing how they successfully used the drug to enhance the metabolism of mice, making them run farther and for longer than on average. When trialled on obese mice, they not only lost weight, but they also didn’t gain as much, despite the same level of physical exertion and same food intake.

Thomas Burris, head researcher of the project at UF, released a statement last Wednesday, 27 September, explaining his team’s results: “In effect, the drug makes the body act like it is training for a marathon, leading to increased energy expenditure and faster metabolism of fat in the body.

“The new treatment is in the early stages of development, but could one day be tested in people to treat diseases like obesity, diabetes and age-related muscle loss,” Burris went on while sharing the potential of their discovery.