August 18, 2021

Nigerian Governor: Arm Yourselves

A state official in Nigeria has told citizens to defend themselves against roving bands of criminals, following persistent kidnappings in the region.

Governor of the northern Katsina state, Aminu Masari, laid responsibility for the continued attacks on the local people for not offering more resistance and criticised their “meek submission” to armed gangs that kidnap locals in order to demand a ransom for their release.

He made the controversial comments during a visit to the town of Jibia on Tuesday, 17 August, to inspect the affected community.

It’s not the first time that Masari has bemoaned the stubborn criminality – last month, he complained during an interview that the insecurity of his beleaguered constituency was giving him sleepless nights.

He stated: “Governing in this difficult time, I see no joy that people are saying we are enjoying.”

However, critics have claimed that people taking up arms will further exacerbate local instability.

Many have slammed Masari words as insensitive and claimed it as a public admission of the official failing in his duties, despite his claiming that tackling such issues were the responsibility of everyone, and not just the government.