June 18, 2021

Ntsiki Mazwai is Becoming a Sangoma

Ntsiki Mazwai has answered a higher calling – specifically, the call from one’s ancestors to become a “sangoma”, or traditional healer.

On Wednesday, 16 June, tweeps received a surprise when the controversial singer-poet revealed that she was undergoing training to become a sangoma.

Although vague on the details, especially about when her spiritual journey began, Mazwai tweeted out this nugget: “Am I the only training sangoma who gets to a point where the braids are too heavy and sometimes have to ask for permission to have them? … It’s draining me.”

In response, some of her followers weighed in on the matter, with one writing: “My sister is done with her training and she still struggles with “funky” hairstyles if permission isn’t granted.”

Another follower was a little more spicy: “Sangoma trainees shouldn’t be on Twitter whilst still training, it is the same as eating pork whilst fasting for to perform exorcism [sic].”

Suffice to say, Mazwai is still present on the Twitter timeline. And who knows? Maybe she will give us glimpses into her spiritual journey now and again!

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