February 28, 2022

Roman Abramovich Hands Over Stewardship of Chelsea

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has drawn international condemnation and resulted in many unintended consequences, one of them being several changes at Chelsea Football Club.

Just days after the news of the invasion broke, Roman Abramovich, a powerful Russian businessman who owns the Blues, made an announcement regarding the day-to-day running of the English team on Saturday night, 26 February.

Posted on the club’s official website, his statement said: “During my nearly 20-year ownership of Chelsea FC, I have always viewed my role as a custodian of the Club [sic], whose job it is ensuring that we are as successful as we can be today, as well as build for the future, while also playing a positive role in our communities.

“I have always taken decisions with the Club’s best interest at heart. I remain committed to these values. That is why I am today giving trustees of Chelsea’s charitable Foundation [sic] the stewardship and care of Chelsea FC,” he ended the announcement.

The move is believed to safeguard the Blues’ reputation, as Abramovich has close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Thomas Tuchel will remain head coach at Stamford Bridge.

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