May 18, 2021

Russia Races to Shoot Movie in Space

Just when you thought Russia and the United States of America had left the “Space Race” back in the 20th century, the competition between the two countries is getting its second wind in 2021.

That is because Russian space agency, Roscosmos, recently announced that it plans to film the first commercial movie in space. They revealed the news via a statement released last Thursday, 13 May.

Roscosmos explained that the film – tentatively titled “Challenge”– will be shot on location at the International Space Station (ISS) this October. Russian actress, Yulia Peresild, will star as a doctor who journeys to the station to perform surgery on an ailing cosmonaut.

In preparation for the challenges that space presents, 36-year-old Peresild and the film crew will partake in cosmonaut training, which will see them undertake “centrifuge tests, vibration stand tests, perform introductory and training flights on a zero-gravity plane, [and] undergo parachute training.”

They will then be flown to the ISS aboard a Soyuz rocket that is scheduled to launch on 5 October.

The news comes a year after US actor, Tom Cruise – backed by NASA and SpaceX – announced his intention to shoot a movie on the ISS. The irony is that Cruise has also planned to start filming in October.

So, who will win the latest round of “Space Race 2”? It may be in Russia’s favour right now, but anything can happen in the next five months!