June 20, 2022

Samthing Soweto Starts Important Discussion About Mental Health

Samthing Soweto, the platinum award-winning amapiano artist, has received a flood of support from his fans after opening up about his struggles with depression.

The musician has been sporadic with what he’s posted on social media recently, with harsh comments focussing more on his weight loss when he did choose to share. 

However, it’s Samthing Soweto’s most recent post on Twitter that has really caught fans’ attention. In it, he revealed, “I’m sorry for the silences. I thought I was wack but today I only discovered how dope I am. #depression.”

His post highlights the polarising nature of social media, and the impact it can have on celebrities in the spotlight. Suicides of local stars like rapper Riky Rick and actor Patrick Shai, and international acts – such as producer Tim Bergling, AKA Avicii and actor Robin Williams – have been a continual concern for many years.

Popular artists such as DJ Black Coffee and Dumi Mkokstad have shown their support for Samthing Soweto, proving the importance of having an open discussion on the stigmatised matter. 

Mkokstad responded with: “Stay strong my brother… There’s only one you. Don’t stop using your gift. As long as God has not rung the bell, Uma ENGAKASHO uNkulunkulu, let NO-ONE make you stop. You are gifted, mfana [sic].”

For anyone seeking help, the South African Depression and Anxiety Group will always be available on 0800 567 567.

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