September 17, 2021

Scottish “Field of Hope” Raises Spirits

Lockdowns in response to the current coronavirus pandemic has left many people across the world feeling down in the dumps – luckily, one farmer in Scotland is doing her blooming utmost to add some cheer.

In May, Claire Pollock of Fife planted 100 000 sunflower seeds in a field at Ardross Farm, which she manages with her mother and older sisters. She did this after she was approached by Douglas Creighton, the local reverend who wanted to uplift the community’s spirits.

Now, the sunflowers have bloomed, the word “Hope” carved out across 1.5 hectares of land.

Speaking recently to a Scottish media outlet, Pollock said: “We could have never imagined anything on this scale until Douglas came along and suggested it and we thought, ‘This is fantastic because we know what the reaction to our tiny little strips is normally like’.”

The maze-like “Field of Hope” has since been opened to the public, whereby people pay to walk through it. Proceeds are then donated to charities and other good causes.

Reverend Creighton said “It’s something bright and cheerful for everyone in the community – we sowed a bit of hope and optimism to show it’s not all doom and gloom.”

Image Credit: Source