July 26, 2021

Shona Ferguson Undergoes Heart Surgery

Actor-producer Shona Ferguson is said to be fighting for his life following a recent heart operation.

More than a week ago, 47-year-old Ferguson reportedly complained about feeling chest pains and having trouble breathing. It was initially thought that it was a result of a coronavirus infection.

However, after his condition seemingly worsened, he was then admitted to Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg for treatment. There, surgeons opted to perform heart surgery on him.

According to sources, Ferguson is now in the hospital’s intensive care unit, where he is on a ventilator.

One optimistic source explained: “[Shona] is a fighter and he will pull through this ordeal. Yes, at the moment he is in ICU, but he will be fine.”

As for Connie Ferguson – actress and wife of the ailing “Kings of Jo’burg” star – the show must go on, as production continues on their shows.

Another source said: “[Connie] is strong, and carries on with grace and class.”

Here’s hoping that Ferguson will pull through!

Image Credit: Source