November 08, 2023

Somalia: Floods Displace Thousands, Kill Dozens

Somali authorities are battling unprecedented floods that have left at least 29 people dead and displaced thousands.

The flash floods started last month when higher than average rainfall in the region resulted in two major rivers bursting their banks, flooding the neighbouring areas of Kenya and Ethiopia.

On Monday, 6 November, the Somali federal government declared a state of emergency after reports of the high waters resulted in the deaths of 14 people; meanwhile, authorities in low-lying areas claim that over 113 000 citizens have been displaced.

In total, approximately 850 000 lives have been affected by the flooding, with the country’s disaster agency saying that while the heavy rains have eased what experts claim is the worst drought in decades, the damage to homes and crops paint an ugly aftermath.

Humanitarian aid is assisting where possible, but are responding to the severe weather with limited access due to stretched resources and air support.

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