August 20, 2021

Sophie Ndaba Bags New TV Role

The reviews have rolled in, and it looks like fans are loving Sophie Ndaba in the eTV production, “House Of Zwide”.

On Thursday, 19 August, the former “Generations” actress uploaded a short snippet from the show to her Instagram account. In it, she is seen interacting with Ona Molapa, an ambitious fashion designer played by Nefisa Mkhabela.

Entertainment commentator, Phil Maphela, expanded on the clip on Twitter soon afterwards.

Maphela wrote: “Ndaba plays the role of Jo, one of the top clients. Ona makes the big mistake of implying that Jo is too fat for the dress she is trying on … and hell ensues. Ndaba enters the show TONIGHT [sic].”

After the episode aired last night, fans applauded her performance. One Twitter user wrote: “I was so happy to see [Ndaba] and she’s still killing it.”

Another enthused: “I’m so happy to see Sophie Ndaba back on our screens! I love her so much.”

Others thought that she reminded them of an iconic “Generations” character, with one tweep jokingly writing: “Not Sophie Ndaba reminding me of her days as Queen Moroka. Mrs “fabulous Darling” [sic] herself.”

Here’s hoping that Ndaba will appear again soon!

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