July 12, 2023

South Africa: Johannesburg Sees Snow Again After 10 Years

A cold snap is currently gripping South Africa, and while many are feeling the chill, the residents of Johannesburg, Gauteng are experiencing something not seen in over a decade: snow.

On Monday morning, 10 July, snow blanketed the major city, due to a combination of high humidity, low temperatures and a strong cold wind, said University of Witwatersrand (Wits) physical geography professor, Jennifer Fitchett, while talking to a local publication.

According to Wits climatology professor, Francois Engelbrecht, Johannesburg experiences snow falls roughly every five years, but such widespread falls occur once every decade or two – the last such heavy snowfall occurred in August 2012.

Social media was lit up by the falling flecks of frozen water, with many users describing it as “pure magic” and a “wonderful start to the week”. Their children, most of whom have never seen snow, took full advantage of the day to play in the white stuff.

Image Credit: Source