May 21, 2021

South African Man Wins Fine Art Award

A sculptor, poet and writer from South Africa is doing his country proud after winning a top art accolade.

Earlier this week, Pitika Ntuli took home the People’s Choice “You-2” award from the seventh annual Global Fine Art Awards, which was held in Paris, France.

Ntuli – who was one of 116 nominees – received the award for his online exhibition titled “Azibuyele Emasisweni” (Return to the Source), which mainly comprise 45 bone sculptures that are currently on display at the Melrose Gallery in Johannesburg.

He explained the use of bones in his exhibition: “I work with nature. Bones are vital, as in imbued with life, and it this life that they possess that possesses me when I work. We are partners.”

Each sculpture was accompanied by a poem, as well as reflections and theoretical analysis from 33 collaborators.

Thanking these collaborators, as well his family, the gallery and the voters, Ntuli said he hopes his sculptures will show that “we are all interconnected, interrelated and interdependent with each other and nature – a message that first peoples of the world have known since time immemorial.”

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