March 29, 2022

Stan Collymore Offers Harsh Advice to Dele Alli

Everton midfielder Dele Alli ought to hang up his boots and retire from the game – that’s the opinion of former footballer Stan Collymore.

Alli – who had struggled for game-time at his previous club, Tottenham Hotspur – signed with Everton for a reported $40 million in January this year. At the time, he cited working under coach Frank Lampard as one of the main reasons for joining the club.

However, the 25-year-old Englishman has yet to start a league game under Lampard, having made only six substitute appearances totalling 170 minutes.

In his soccer column published on Monday, 28 March, Collymore claimed that he reached out to Alli, but ultimately it’s up to the latter to reignite his spark or otherwise walk away from soccer forever.

“Dele needs to answer some serious questions, for himself, no one else,” the former footballer wrote. “He has to ask: ‘Do you want to play professional football, or are you not cut out for it?’”

To avoid “cheating the fans and clubs and managers”, Collymore urged the midfielder to not let himself drift aimlessly among the top flight at his prime.

“Go and find something [else] you are passionate about,” he declared, “and don’t cheat the game by going on a circus around other Premier League clubs.”

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