April 19, 2021

Tanzania: President Suluhu Scolds MPs

Tanzania’s president, Samia Suluhu Hassan, has chastised Members of Parliament for comparing her to late president, John Magufuli.

Suluhu succeeded Magufuli after the latter passed away on 17 March from a chronic heart problem. Several critics of the late statesman say that he died from a coronavirus (COVID-19)-related infection which – along with his denialism of the virus – contributed to the exacerbation of his health issues.

However, MPs have taken to discussing the differences between her and Magufuli, which led to Suluhu handing out a stern reprimand.

At a recent national conference dedicated to him, she said: “We are supposed to be discussing and passing the government budgets … Let’s work the way parliament is supposed to.”

She added that it was disappointing that “something that is trending on social media is what now guides the debate in parliament.”

The 61-year-old politician has proven to be dedicated to moving the country in a new direction as Tanzania’s first woman president. Notably, she has set up an advisory team for the COVID-19 pandemic, and has allowed the uncensoring of several media outlets.

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