October 23, 2023

Tanzania Strike Controversial Port Deal

Tanzania has penned a 30-year agreement with Dubai-based logistics company, Dubai Port (DP) World, to manage part of Dar es Salaam’s port on Sunday, 22 October.

The deal – which has been the source of protests and criticism across the East African country for several months – will allow DP World to control four quays in return for an investment of $250 million, which has been earmarked for infrastructure upgrades.

Three other berths at the capital city port will be operated under the joint management of the Emirati company and the Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA). The agreement will be reevaluated every five years, according to the director general of TPA, Plasduce Mbossa.

Landlocked nations like Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Zambia are also served by the vital port, with many of the deal’s critics pointing out that it could be a conflict of interest to have the port managed by a foreign firm.

Others believe that the pact favours the United Arab Emirates, at the expense of Tanzania.

However, Mbossa has claimed that the move will eventually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the port, as DP World will aim to reduce cargo clearance time and increase port capacity.

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