January 10, 2023

#TikTokTuesday – 10 January

Tuesdays just got a whole lot more exciting! Take a look at the top TikTok videos that are trending in South Africa, Africa, and the rest of the world:

South Africa: DON’T RUN

@mikephiri01 Replying to @pripri710 😭😭😭#SAMA28 #dough #fyp #foryoupage #mzansi_funny_skits #trending #fyptiktoksouthafrica🇿🇦 ♬ Murife Don’t Run – Mode Yule G

We can all relate to this clip by @mikephiri01: showing up to your friend or neighbour’s house and a dog’s there to greet you at the gate. Sure, it might not bite, but you don’t wanna stick around too long to find out!

Africa: Dogs Hit Different in the Jungle

@realjosh2funnyHe can talk to animals Link in bio 👆

♬ original sound – josh2funny

Even George of the Jungle (AKA @realjosh2funny, a comedian hailing from Nigeria) is a little iffy when it comes to doggos.

In this skit, this guy tried to prove on a talent show that he could talk to animals from lions and tigers to hyenas – but a six-month-old security dog, though? Not quite up to the level of the hyena in terms of communication!

The World: Canine Car Caper

@kareng_391 When your dog locks you out of your own truck 🤦🏻‍♀️ #mexico #frenchies #valindovergs #fyp #2023 #newyear #xyzbca ♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Meanwhile, in Mexico, this furry child accidentally locked her family out of the car. All hope seemed lost until her mother picked up a Yorkie, and that window rolled down faster than lightspeed. Who says jealousy isn’t a good thing?