October 10, 2023

#TikTokTuesday – 10 October

Tuesdays just got a whole lot more exciting! Take a look at the top TikTok videos that are trending in South Africa, Africa, and the rest of the world:

South Africa: Promposal – Lobola Edition!

@bee__yanca Promposal Wayy!!💃🏽❤🫵🏼🔥#bee__yanca #promposal2023 #highschool #matric2023 #tiktoksouthafrica #tiktoksouthafrica🇿🇦 #tiktoksouthafrica🇿🇦🇿🇦 #foryoupage ♬ Koko Mmatswale – Dj Sunco & Queen Jenny

Ah, it’s tender moments like these that make a person either want to go back to school, or get married – or both(???).

Either way, this is one stylish way to bag yourself a Matric dance partner (respectfully, of course). Their elders must be proud!

Africa: DJ Iqra Rocks The Party … Sort Of

@djiqra256 Am called Djiqra256 from uganda.#CapCut #tiktoknigeria #youngtalents #fypシ゚viral #fypシ゚viral #tiktokdubai #foryoupage #talent #dj @Mudra D Viral @vinka music @Crysto Panda @planetomutume @@omutumeplanet 🔥bwoy ♬ original sound – DJ-IQRA🇺🇬

@djiqra of Uganda is out here giving DJ Arch Jnr a run for his money! This youngster knows how to spin a mix (though you have to be wondering if the partygoers were expecting him to dance and sing along, too, they were so still).

The World: For Want of a Seed

@weareburger28 Something Missing ? Dont forget the Customer is always King 👑 #BeDifferent #AlexDebare ♬ original sound – Burger28

Make no mistake: this meal at a burger restaurant in the UAE looks scrumptious. But when the customer says something is missing, we were expecting fries or a drink. Heck, even a napkin! But nah, all that was “missing” was a seed from the burger bun. A SEED.

Ah well, at least we can’t begrudge the customer service, unlike some fast food restaurants we know …