May 14, 2024

#TikTokTuesday – 14 May

Tuesdays just got a whole lot more exciting! Take a look at the top TikTok videos that are trending in South Africa, Africa, and the rest of the world:

South Africa: Money Talk

@jeremy_duplessis Replying to @LEIGH ANN Guys please subscribe to my YouTube Channel @JEREMYDUPLESSISTV l#jeremyduplessis #titoksouthafrica #mzansitiktok #mzansicomedy ♬ original sound – Jeremy

Mzansi has 11 official languages. So, @jeremy_duplessis is out here offering 100 bucks to anyone who can speak a sentence in one of those languages – as you can see AND hear, it’s a real tongue-twister!

Africa: What You See Ain’t What You Get

@tomiajidahun #greenscreen and people warned me 😩😩😩 i’m jealous of all the girls who got theirs done in nigeria and it came out perfect. #fyp #prom #nigerian #prom2024 #classof2024 ♬ OG THE PASTELS – Kneely_Knight

If the dictionary had images, then these two dresses would show up underneath “Expectation” and “Reality”, respectively.

Seems like @tomiajidahun ordered a custom dress from Nigeria, and well, she’s not happy with the end result. Talk about a deflated, steamrolled fish tail …

The World: Brazilian Bollywood Beauty

@camilapudim Asoka makeup 🇮🇳 Versão Brasil 2 🇧🇷❤ #asokamakeup #indiamakeup #makeuptransformation camila pudim India Makeup Ib: @ibra ♬ original sound – jharna bhagwani

The #AsokaMakeupTrend is going worldwide, folks!

@camilapudim of Brazil put a stunning spin on her interpretation of Kareena Kapoor’s famous look from the Bollywood classic, “Asoka”, and we’re impressed with the results (and THAT editing!).