May 30, 2023

#TikTokTuesday – 30 May

Tuesdays just got a whole lot more exciting! Take a look at the top TikTok videos that are trending in South Africa, Africa, and the rest of the world:

South Africa: Some Things Should Remain Hidden

@ryanhdlombard RIP the Surgeon… #fyp #relatable ♬ original sound – Ryan Lombard

When you were a child, everything seemed like a new and interesting discovery, but when you’re an adult, those new species of insects and creepy crawlies can stay far, far away from you. For now, it’s probably best to leave the exploring to the professionals like @ryanhdlombard.

Africa: Geography is Hard, Okay?

@eugenetoksName a city in Africa 😭

♬ original sound – Eugene Litman

Look, we all fudged a few questions on an exam at some point but these people might need to retake geography (and probably a couple of other classes too). @eugenetoks is making us lose faith in humanity, one video at a time.

The World: A “Hole” World of Possibilities

@khaby.lame I do believe we can change the world with this strategy ! #learnfromkhaby #comic ♬ original sound – Khabane lame

TikTok is filled with weird and interesting fashion trends but there’s always @khaby.lame on hand to keep things real when people start getting too ridiculous.