November 19, 2021

Tom Holland on Zendaya: She Keeps Me Sane

Tom Holland makes slinging through Hollywood look easy, but this week he spoke to a US media outlet and shared the tender side of his life.

The 25-year-old “Spider-Man: No Way Home” actor talked about playing the beloved, eponymous comic book character, his personal life, and his relationship with his co-star, Zendaya.

Holland admitted: “Having her in my life was so instrumental to my sanity.”

Despite everyone knowing, he remains tight-lipped about his romance with Zendaya: “It’s not a conversation that I can have without her. You know, I respect her too much to say … This isn’t my story. It’s our story.”

He also mused about their privacy: “I’ve always been really adamant to keep my private life private, because I share so much of my life with the world anyway.”

Rumours of the two being a couple have been swirling around social media since July after they were snapped kissing in a parked car, which broke the internet. In fact, dating whispers had already started when the couple starred together in 2017’s “Spider-Man: Homecoming”.

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