May 05, 2021

Tunisia: Citizens Cycle the Streets after Car Ban, Enforced Curfew

When the Tunisian government implemented overnight curfew, along with a night-time ban on motor vehicles, many expected the streets to be absolutely quiet.

However, citizens found a way to beat the 7PM-to-5AM car ban: by cycling.

Last month, the authorities declared a 10PM-to-5AM curfew, which is in accordance with the country’s attempts curb the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Now, people are taking advantage of the carless streets in the city of Tunis by cycling freely on two wheels.

Tunisians have taken to cycling with enthusiasm, and openly shared the health benefits of riding in the early evening after breaking their day fasting during the ongoing holy month of Ramadan.

Aside from exercise, many of the cyclists say it offers an alternative to public transport.

The north African nation has seen 314 152 confirmed cases of COVID-19 – the virus has claimed the lives of 11 016 people. The total number of recovered cases stands at 266 696.

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