April 29, 2022

Ukrainian Refugees Find Warm Welcome in Italy

The war in Ukraine continues, but a group of refugees have found unlikely support in northern Italy.

Attorneys are not typically associated with being compassionate, or offering their services for free but Studio Legale – based in the city of Varese, roughly 55 kilometres from Milan – has opened their doors and hearts to the plight of people fleeing the conflict in their homeland.

Legal eagle Andrea Boni had not done any volunteering before – he had seen a Lebanon War refugee camp in the 1980s – but tried to put himself in the displaced peoples’ shoes and thought: “What would I want if it were my family?”

He then hopped into his van and travelled from Lombardy to the Polish town of Przemysl, located on the border with Ukraine.

Speaking to an American news outlet, Boni said: “We left on the 6th of March with an organisation from the parish Almavera near Varese … we had different things we were bringing: food, medicine, clothing and there were around 15 people ready to come here in Italy.”

He has already made a return trip, and a family he helped the first time round has settled nicely into the neighbourhood. Boni and his colleagues are a testament to their profession with their compassion and humanity.

Image Credit: Source