September 06, 2023

Uncle Waffles’ Burger Receives Harsh Reviews

Amapiano sensation, Uncle Waffles, has recently expanded into the culinary world but it seems not everyone is a fan of her new project.

The music producer – who is privately known as Lungelihle Zwane – launched a collaborative campaign with KFC just over a week ago for a burger created using her namesake. The “burger” features a crispy chicken fillet sandwiched between two waffles and coated with maple chipotle sauce and cheese.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be hitting the right taste buds, as a selection of hilarious reaction videos have shown that many people are less than impressed with the result.

Food critic Reabetswe Moloto took to TikTok to share a video of herself trying the burger on Monday, 4 September. However, she seemed unimpressed from the start, scrunching her nose at the smell, before taking one bite only to almost immediately spit it out.

Rapper Dee Koala also shared her experience trying the new burger via Twitter and TikTok the next day. However, she was equally disappointed by the result: “Sorry Waffles, I love you, but yoh [sic]. It tastes bad.”

“Waffles must not get offended, you didn’t make this burger. Maybe it works without the waffles,” she added.

Image Credit: Source