February 10, 2022

Wayne Rooney: I Could Have Killed Someone

The Manchester United record scorer is about to release an Amazon Prime documentary about his life and relationship with his wife of 14 years, Coleen Rooney.

During the documentary interview, the former England forward was candid about all the mistakes he made during the prime years of his career – mistakes he couldn’t mention while still a player.

Rooney said: “Ten, 15 years ago, I couldn’t go into a dressing room and say I’m struggling with alcohol, I’m struggling mental-health-wise. I couldn’t do that.”

He added: “That could have been girls, it could have been drink-driving, which I’ve done, it could have been killing someone, you could kill yourself and that’s a bad place to be. I knew I needed help, to save myself but also to save my family.”

In a separate interview, his wife has also disclosed why she stuck around even though the forward has cheated on her several times with prostitutes, saying that she chose not to leave him partly for the sake of their children.

Image Credit: Source