April 22, 2021

Why Zac Efron and Vanessa Valladares Split Up

Zac Efron and his girlfriend, Vanessa Valladares, are no longer together.

The 33-year-old “Baywatch” star and the 25-year-old aspiring model first became involved in June last year after they met at the Byron Bay General Store & Cafe in New South Wales, Australia, where Valladares was waitressing at the time.

However, news of their break-up emerged earlier this week, and the reason behind it has now come to light.

According to reports, Efron ended his relationship with Valladares after she landed a role on the upcoming Netflix reality show, “Byron Baes”. The series aims to showcase the lives of social media influencers living on the beaches of Byron Bay.

An anonymous source explained to an Australian media outlet on Wednesday, 21 April, that Efron was not happy with Valladares’ involvement.

The source said: “[Efron’s] a very good person who wanted a genuine, normal, down-to-earth partner. I’m sure the final nail in the coffin was him seeing the story of [Valladares] being possibly on “Byron Baes” and the claims that he was helping her get on it.”

Neither party has commented on the split yet.

Image Credit: Source